A lovely drive down our lane...............

We are sorry that we can't bring you out to our farm.  We used to.  For the safety of our grandchildren, home, farm and animals we do not bring strangers here.  Unfortunately, you never know who is gonna be driving up your lane and coming into your home.

All we can do is our very best to be as open with you as possible, we want your experience to be personal and know where your puppy baby is coming from.  This page is still being updated, but here is what we can tell you so far:

Meet Martha

Martha is the Mother and of the family and was raised in a large mennonite family and is a genuine Christian lady.  She is a very generous and giving Wife, Mother and most especially Grandmother.  Martha loves to be with family, play games, cook and eat good food and travel when she can.  She a straightforward, and uncompliated lady who daily gives her life to the farm, to her family, to the dogs, to her workers and anyone who she can.  She always puts herself last.  One of her sons became very ill for a few years and Martha, as would any real mother, was a huge help to him and his family.  This lady does. not. stop.  At this time she takes a lot of the phone calls and answers emails (she's old school so forgive the typo's)  If she sounds tired, it's because she's been up baking since 3am, caring for the dogs, cleaning, working on the computer and so much more!  No one around here can keep up with her so we are really gonna give her praise because she deserves it!  It's time for her distribute some responsibility among the family and we will be working towards her doing less talking to customers, meeting people, driving puppies to the airport, etc.

Meet Irvin

Irvin is the Father if our family was also raised in an Amish home.  He knows how to work and puts any other guy half his age to shame.  Irvin, like Martha, has simple wholesome values and is a sincere person and genuine Christian.  He enjoys the outdoors and the dogs and puppies make him smile!  Farmer, handyman, mechanic, Dog and puppy caregiver.  Irvin is easy to have a conversation with and loves to visit with people.  He has also given himself to his family and we are beyond blessed to have him as a Dad!  We are so appreciate of all he does!  Irving works with the dogs for a big part of his day and whatever time he has left he helps his family and friends in anyway he can.  At the end of a long day....and we do mean long day, he enjoys sitting down to read his paper or study his family's ancestry.