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Note:  We receive several inquiries each day about our puppies.  It's possible we may be talking with more than one family at a time about the same puppy.  We promise to always be truth about the status of a puppy.  Deposits are accepted to hold a puppy for you until full payment is received.  But, we cannot hold it for you until your deposit is received.  If you are undecided about which puppy you want, someone else has the opportunity to purchase any puppy on your list until you make your decision.  We accept Paypal payments and Credit Cards.  Payment must be cleared before puppy can be shipped or picked up.  For Pick up adoptions cash payments are required unless payment is processed before pickup.

We want to find a good home for our puppies and help you make the best match for them and you.
Fill out the contact form above and a member of our family will be glad to assist you.
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We are very experienced with flying our puppies and also using other delivery services that specialize in transporting dogs safely to their destination.  Click here for information on "Flying" your puppy.
We will also work with you to schedule pick up at a secure meeting location.  We do not bring people to our home anymore as a safety precaution for our family.