Health Guarantee

Straight Forward            No Fine Print

Just don't miss the RED part at the bottom. has provided truthful information about your puppy, including:  breed, registry, size, color, health and temperament. Although we have given you estimated weights based on the parents and the current weight of the puppy due to experience with past litters, we do not guarantee your puppy’s full grown weight and size.  It is impossible for this calculation to be guaranteed by anyone.  We have also provided photos. Your puppy has been vaccinated and treated for worms and is current on these items as of the day of purchase. You will receive a written record of these items and their brand names and the dates your puppy received them

If the puppy, within the first year, is found by a licensed veterinarian, to have a life threatening health issue that cannot be corrected or controlled by medication, a replacement puppy will be given (out of the first available litter of the same breed, registration and value).  We, the Seller, may require that the puppy have a second review from our veterinarian.  Shipping charges to and from us, the Seller, will be at the Purchasers expense.

Should the Purchaser refuse to return the puppy in question; we, the Seller, will be released from the constraints of the medical claim.

Medications or surgeries for illnesses that are common in puppies will not be covered, which includes Kennel Cough, Coccidia, Hernias; these are not life threatening if treated properly.

This guarantee is non-transferable.  There must be no signs of abuse or neglect.  No replacement will be given if the female has been bred.  No replacement shall be given if breeds that are prone to hip dysplasia are over exercised or overweight.  Running with or jumping dogs that are still in their growth period voids all health guarantees.  We do not refund for health issues that are related to accidental death or abnormalities caused by accidents or that are obtained through exposure to a contagious virus, disease or parasite, etc…We, the Seller, are not responsible for any veterinarian expenses accumulated on returned or replaced puppies.

We do not give refunds for change of hearts.

The purchaser is responsible for training and socializing the puppy into its new environment and schedule.

Your puppy must be seen by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours; otherwise, this guarantee is invalid.

Our puppies mean a lot to our family and it is our goal to make sure they are going to wonderful new homes.  Because we value the quality of the dogs puppies raise, we are confident that you are receiving the very best.  The color and size of the dog is secondary. We do understand that the color and the "look" is what will catch your eye.  However, we also know that it is the temperament and the health of the dog that will make him or her a long time companion.

By signing below, responding via email or continuing with payment you state you have read and agree to the terms in this Purchaser Agreement listed above.  It is further understood that no other warranty or representation has been made with respect to the sold puppy, except as set forth in the writing of this agreement.