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Just a note:  You will see Robyn several times in the testimonials.  She is our daughter in law.  She does not work with customers anymore because she has chosen to temporarily only work on our website and listings as well as with the dogs and puppies.  This allows her more time with her children who also love to play and help with the dogs.
Just a quick note to again say thank you for everything. The puppies are doing great and are quickly getting settled in their new home. My daughter absolutely couldn't be happier with them. It's funny because th puppies are very attached to each other. One doesn't stray far away from the other. They chase each other all over the back yard and whenever one has a toy, the other has to have the same one. And Tink doesn't shy away from wrestling her big sister. She gives back as much as she gets. And they are both very smart. Already they come in from outside andgo sit by the kitchen counter where their treats are. Anyway, I just thought I would give you a quick update and let you know they are doing fine.

I wanted to let you know that Jada is doing so well. We did keep her name, we thought it was perfect for her. She is soooo adorable and very smart. She is almost 5 lbs. now and is growing quick. She is very healthy and was just in for her second set of shots. She already knows how to sit and lay, which she knew even a couple of weeks ago. She starts puppy (training) classes on Oct. 14th for the next week. So, anyways I wanted to just let you know that we are so happy with Jada and that she is doing very well. Thanks again for such a smooth process. Also, were you able to adopt out all of her sisters and brothers??
Karina and Brian

Just wanted to let you know, the puppy acts like she's been here forever. As soon as she walked in the door, she grabbed her nylabone & took over running all over the place.  I've attached several pictures but it's hard to get her when she's running around.  I will send you more in a week or so if you want.  Thanks for everything!!!
Stacy & Chris

Our new little girl is acclamating wonderfully.  She is fabulous.  Bailey and her have been playing non stop, they are all sleeping with us and the pack is one big happy family.  We have named her "Molly" - the name just seemed to suit her to a tee.  She found the toy box as soon as I put her down upon arrival and hasn't stopped playing in it since.  She's in my office right now in one of the many beds and Bailey is right next to her.  (we have three toy boxes in the house).  Thank you so much for making this a smooth and easy transaction.  Everyone in the family fell in love with her upon meeting (except perhaps for the Chihuahua but we knew that would take time).  Even Missy is no longer barking at her - guess she just resigned herself to the fact that Molly isn't going anywhere.  I'll stay in touch and send you some pictures soon.
Thanks again for everything.

Hello,  we have thoroughly enjoyed our new addition.  She (Tinkerbell) has been excellent, she has had only 2 accidents.  She is going out to potty great.  I love her personality and that adorable look she gives us.  I wanted to know how often I should feed her.  I have been giving her about a cup full of food and she has been eating it during the day.  I hope that is not too much the package recommended that amount.  Also I don't remember when you said she should have a vet check.  Hope you had a great trip to Ohio.  I will keep you up to date on Tinkerbell.  Lara named her that because Tinkerbell is her favorite Disney character.  She responds very well with that name.  Thanks a lot for all your help.

I purchased my [puppy] from your site in July and have had Mya for 3 weeks now. She is beautiful and healthy and we love her to death. You were so helpful when there were potential problems shipping and I would work with you again. You answered all my questions and was tried her best to calm my nerves!

Your rep, Robyn , is very professional. She has done a great job of working with us to get one of her Yorkies. We have just enjoyed working with her. She has bent over backwards for us to give our daughter just the right puppy. Thank you so much, We look forward to getting another one from you in Spring. Jenny

1st Comment
We just got in the door from the airport.  Everything went well with the flight.  He was waiting for us when we got there.  The flight was about 30 minutes late.  He was eager to get out of the crate which was a good sign.  He is absolutelyl the CUTEST, SWEETEST, GENTLE, QUICK puppy I've ever seen.  We just LOVE him already.  He hasn't barked yet but I;m sure he is overwhelmed right now.  He has met the cat and there were no fireworks.  So that's good news.  We took him to a park by the ocean from the airport so he could see just how beautiful city he lives in.  Thank you so much for all your help, guidance, and patience.  So far so good.  I will keep you updated in a week or so to let you know how he is adjusting.  God bless you.  Fondly, Karen & Larry

2nd Comment
We just purchased a puppy through your site and we couldn't be happier. The whole experience was wonderful. She answered all our questions and we never felt pressured into anything. Our puppy had to be shipped all across the U.S. and we were scared but
Robyn reassured us and everything was fine. Now we are starting to enjoy our new puppy. He is everything Robyn said he was. He is just a gentle loving puppy. I hope you will consider working with Robyn. You won't be disappointed.               Karen & Larry
Hi there. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Puddles is doing WONDERFUL! She went and saw the vet today, he was VERY impressed by you as the breeder! We are too! Thank you doesn't seem to say enough. She is loving all of the attention, eating great and is running around and making herself at home. Thank you AGAIN!  You truly are a fabulous breeder! Amber and Family, we will send you a picture soon!

Here's some pics of the baby.  We named her Jordan.  This puppy is one tough cookie when playing with the big dogs.  Shes such an amazing pup.  Fast learner.  Very affectionate.  There are some silly pics of her in her "skunk" halloween costume, lol.  Also, my dog Girdie decided she wanted to be a lobster.  The kids who trick or treat at our house get a kick out of it every year.  Hope all is well!

We purchased a [puppy] from [your site] in July and it was a great experience. Our puppy has been healthy and was everything that they said and more. I would absolutely recommend [your site] to anyone who is looking for a puppy. Robyn is truly a great person to work with.

Hi.  She is here....quite the cutey!  She is already grabbing toys to play with.  We love her!  Thank you.

Hi.  She is here....quite the cutey!  She is already grabbing toys to play with.  We love her!  Thank you.

Hi Everyone,
How are you?  Hope all is well.  Just wanted to send you a picture of our girls with Fella (we renamed him Bailey).  He is doing great and we all love him very much.  We wish you and your family a joyous holiday season and a healthy and happy new year.
 Angela & Family

Robyn was very helpful, she returned my phone call quickly, and was very polite!
Robyn was a trusted profesional during the challenging process of getting my puppy to Canada. She went beyond the call of duty to ensure my puppy made it safe and sound. He's growing into an adorable and well-behaved young doggy and I love him to death. Thanks again Robyn!
Well, Biscuit (your Angel) and Jake (Originally Biscuit) are going to have their first birthday tomorrow and I thought their mom and dad should know how well they're doing and all.  They are both priceless additions to our families.  They are best buddies, romp and chase each other almost as long as they're together.  Do thier puppy play until they tire each other out and then find a spot to nap and they're out.
Jake is all boy.  Layed back, always inquisitive, swaggers when he walks, and a very mellow chap most of the time.  If he doesn't get to run around outside as much as normal he's got to pester me to chase him all over the house until he gets tired out (and I usually do first.)  He's a very mellow guy, a really good pup, and loves everybody.  Biscuit  is about the same only a bit more demanding of time.
Our big moment with Jake was on Christmas Eve when he FINALLY learned to roll over.  We'd been trying all summer etc.  Had neighbor kids rolling in the grass showing him how to do it.  HA!  It's like fetching.  He's much too smart.  "What's the point?", he's saying as he watches us through somethign the second time.  "I just brought this back to you once already."
Anyway, this was Jakes Christmas present to Joan.  While she was out with our grandkids doing some last minute shopping, Cheryl came over with liver treats and was determined to teach Jake to roll over and on the third assist he cought on and now does it (for liver treats, of course).
He seems to really love the snow.  We've had some pretty cold days (below zero) lately and doesn't seem to bother him at all.  OF course we're carefull not to let him out too long or take him for too long of a walk but he seems to be pretty well insulated with his furry coat.  We were surprised a bit when he got a haircut at 6 months and came back with a white head (with a bit of black and brown) and a grey body from the neck down.  Must be what happens when the Yorkie and Bishon's mix.  He's still cute though.
Sending a couple of pix of him and Biscuit for his mom and dad.

Hello. It's Michele.
We bought "travis" from you a couple of weeks ago. I just thought I would give you alittle update on him. We did change his name to Lil' Bear. He's the sweetest little thing ever. Our bassett hound, Jack, has really taken up with him. They get along great. they play and lay together. very sweet. I have taken several pictures and can send you one when I get them developed. Jack also seems protective. If they are outside together using the bathroom...well, that's what they are suppose to be doing....Jack will see that Bear finds his way to the door and will go after him if he takes too long. I have been very proud of them. Bear does get lonely when I crate him so I tooked him to work with me last week. (i'm so weak). We are working on house breaking and so far he gets an E for effort. no wait, that's OUR grade..he gets a C+. :o) He's smart and he'll get it. The girls just adore him and Sarah has to have little time outs from carrying him. The cat is trying to get use to him. Bear doesn't push but you can tell he's just dying to make friends. well, thanks so much for such a precious little puppy. He is loved and adored by everyone who has met him. take care, michele